Dirt. Cheap. Rave.


Three words that should be used together more often.


Yep, the crews at Love That Music, Tramp and Loud Entertainment love to party – and know a thing or two about running them. This time around, they’re joining forces and throwing down one hell of a freaking mess. Taking it back to the old-school.


How so? A Dirt Cheap Rave. Lock in to get locked down Saturday 4th August. Your nights secret warehouse location revealed as a ticket is possessed. Not that you’ll remember…


Adding to the evening’s ambience (breathe in) – Ajax (Sweat It Out!), DJ Flagrant (Live Video Set), Stevie Mink, Rob Pix, Mike Metro, Boogs, Spacey Space, Adam Bartas, James Fava, Azmac, Kesh, Yasumo, Benson, Hey Sam, J Heasy – And more! (breathe out). Musical education inclusive.


Hit up heasy@lovethatmusic.com.au for all deets and stomping techniques.


Mell Hall.