What So Not (SYD) Do the Burbs July 19!


Hailing from our Northern sister state Sydney, super-duo What So Not shall be heading our way, July 19th to Do The ‘Burbs. The doublet (both making waves in their own right) consists of skyrocketing electronic act Flume and flaming DJ rocket Emoh Instead.


The pair has been described as the voice of the ADD generation with their productions spanning across multiple genres and including a vast array of crazy samples and sounds. They have recently whipped up remixes for Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’, Van She’s ‘Idea of Happiness’ and Airwolf’s latest single ‘Believer’ – all extremely well received in the blogosphere and of course in club land.


You wanted them, so we got them. What So Not Do the ‘Burbs Thursday July 19th at Mynt Thursday. Email heasy@lovethatmusic.com.au for all guest list enquiries.